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It’s our desire that each adolescent who passes through our program becomes an agent of the peace who works to transform society!

  • TBRI (Trust-based relational intervention)
  • Christian Community Development
  • Education for Peace
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    Transitional homes in which young people in extreme vulnerability have the opportunity to live and share with families and learn how to grow in his/her independence.


    Businesses and educational institutions that understand the difficulties at-risk youth face and seek to provide them decent jobs and options to learn a trade and/or study in the university.


    The Cueva program seeks that each young person has a mentor for his or her life, someone who feels the call to walk alongside and help him/her to grow and develop his/her abilities and gifts for the service of the kingdom of God.


    An Open House is a safe space that seeks to develop the skills of each young person in the following areas: Social, Academic, Laboral and Spiritual / Emotional (SALE). All this with a playful, art-based methodology.