Everyone says they want to change the world. We like to think we've discovered how: through local churches, empowering them as agents of social transformation. That's why in Fundación Comunidad Viva we have been able to gradually impact different segments of society and wherever we go, we know that a local congregation will follow up with the different initiatives that we promote.

This also allows us to have a flexible structure and take on various kinds of projects. So we hope that little by little we will see a renewed society, with peace, with justice, where the social fabric is thick and the product of local processes of reconciliation. We invite you to join us on this adventure!

Jorge Enciso

Strategic Director

The Enciso Harder Family

The Enciso Harder Family has had the privilege of seeing the Foundation grow alongside their children. In fact, many of the Foundation's programs have started with one of them, giving the work its organic character. It was in Memphis where they learned the dynamics of community development, but in reality they carry it in their veins - family tradition, the love of working with communities from a perspective centered on the gospel of love and peace building.


Janneth Parrado

Social Manager

Coordinator of SuperVacanes

Janneth sees a need in her community and finds a way to get involved, which has made her a perpetual student and apprentice. Her husband and three children participate in all of their community projects - from painting murals to sowing urban gardens. She runs the Community Center in San Antonio.

Marcela Cristancho Daza

Social Manager

Marcela makes phone calls, coordinates, invents, connects, programs ... in short, she makes an idea become a reality. But what she enjoys the most is spending time with children doing homework or playing soccer. She is a licensed preschool teacher, wife, and mother to a daughter.

Graciela Leguizamo

Social Manager

Gracielita is the youngest rockstar and that is why she is in charge of guiding the young people of The Cueva so that they become positive leaders in society. Mother and grandmother, she is a connector in the community and a counselor to many.

Hillary Merwin

Gestora Social

Coordinator for Love&BeLoved

Hillary considers Colombia her second home and the Bogota community her second family. Her love for community building is equal to that of rock climbing. Some of our most important programs have begun as a result of her work.

Daniel Pérez

Executive Director

Daniel has traveled through mountains, valleys and deserts always looking for ways to learn by serving and serve by learning. His experience in the creation of Fundación Tejer Vida has given him the fuel to take on the challenge of leading Fundación Comunidad Viva in the construction of social fabric.

Liber Alturo

Social Manager

Liber has been supporting the foundation for years by giving of his resources and talents ... in fact, the SuperVacanes Club was born in his living room! With his wife Janneth, they run the community center in San Antonio and love on the children in their neighborhood.

Martha Coral

Administrative Director

Martha has made very significant contributions to the development of our social objective, both in the formation processes in communities (for example in Pacho and Tibaná), as well as in the administration of projects and resources. Her mental engineering abilities are what keep us afloat and out of trouble.

Angélica Delgadillo

Social Manager

Coordinator of The Cueva

Angelica has worked for years with youth, putting her artistic creativity at the service of pedagogical tools that build a better society. From the Colectivo Artístico Júbilo she has traveled the country, generating transformations and now she is serving at Fundación Comunidad Viva, building networks and social processes.

Ginny Harder

Social Manager

Ginny has learned the perfect balance between hospitality and caring for her home, and that is how the Foundation was born - in the living room of her home. Today she helps to maintain the original vision of the Foundation through research on relevant issues, without neglecting the pastoral care of the communities with which we work.

Jorge Enciso

Strategic Director

Jorge enjoys seeing communities flourish, especially if the local church manages to integrate itself into these processes. He likes to sing in public to embarrass Ginny.

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